I want your oppinion(s)

All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus, AHA? I don't know? I bought this dress (h&m) and it wasn't too expensive, but I don't know if it's too "hi i'm 6 years old and this is my first day at school"-kinda looking. Do I look like a little girl? And if so, is it because og the dress, the flower, my hair, my heels or overall? I still got one week left to change it- should I?

And if it's not too girly girly, what should I do with the flower? On or of?

3 kommentarer:

Lasse Munkstrup sagde ...

Synes kjolen er pæn, men du skal droppe blomsten hvis du spørger mig :)

franziskeer. sagde ...

maybe without the flower and with pinned- up hair, than it may look older , but i love the dress and shoes:)

* R. Larsen sagde ...

jeg er forelsket i dine sko! hvor er de fra? :D