Although I said too much

Living by

"Don't think of ways to blend and be accepted by everyone else. Find ways to be the person everyone else would want to be accepted by."
- Jessica Harlow

Listening to Rage Against The Machine

I am "Killing in the name of"!!!



Skull, cigaret and God

Let me know I'm yours

I want you to hold me tight and never let go. I need you, I want you. Don't let things get in our way, we can pass it all. Together we are strong, my baby. I'll hold your hand and dance with you all night.



is going to be absolutely FABULOUS. Girls night with my six best home alone, no parents, no rules but our own. Dinner, dessert and vine. Chill out. Watching a movie or two, laughing and taking and planning our summer holiday 2010: We are going to the southern countries baby! I'm looking forward. Love ya.

.. And my boyfriend, who means the most to me.


Hvad hører du lige nu?

Life is a flower...