I can't get this song out of my head, my heart beats faster, I'm in love with this one. God I miss Roskilde.

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Anika▲ sagde ...

hey girl,
i'm so sorry
you made a cmnt under one of my posts but i realized it until now

it was a nice cmnt of you
thanks a lot
maybe i will write my next posts in englisch so you can understand it (maybe not everything bacause my englisch is.. bad! :D, but leastwise a bit hihi)

see you later aligator

xx anika

Fashion Affairs sagde ...

Åh, det gør jeg virkelig også.
Roskilde 2010 var virkelig unikt! :)
Du har en virkelig fed blog, som vi nu følger.

Emma og Ditte, Fashion Affairs

Simone sagde ...

Mums filibaba et mesterværk!;P