I miss Brussels! I love my photographer friend and the others! I miss Roskilde Festival! I love that I'm going back this year! I miss being skinny! I hate being on diet! I miss holiday! But it's just around the corner! I love cheesecake! I hate it's fat! I love f.r.i.e.n.d.s! I hate that I know all the episodes! I miss last summer! I look forward to this one! I miss London! I love that I'm going again this summer! I hate that I don't have a job! On the other hand, I don't need work, definately not in holidays! I miss some! I hate some! I love some! I look forward to the weekend, but how do I get home! I miss those Virum-guys! I look forward to see them again! Unfortunate not yet! I hate math! I love that my last math lesson is on friday and the last time I need it is the 18th june! I like Beach House! I look forward to their concert at Roskilde! I miss the heath! I hate studying! I like somersby and tequila! I like going out! I like BW! I miss being a almost straight-A student without working for it! I miss being home alone making delicious food afterward lay on the couch the rest of the night watch either good or bad tv have fun and laughing, all by us selves, my boyfriend and I! I love Henrik Vibskov! I love Gucci! I love my leather jacket from mags*magasin! I love my shoes from Gardenia Copenhagen! I hate that I didn't attend Spot Festival Aarhus! I love I hate I miss, bitch!

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