Learn to do the Twiggy look...

Step 1) Eyes- Clean up your eyebrows and thin them out a little bit if they are bushy. Sweep your eyes with a cream or peach eye shadow up to your eyebrow. Use a thin liner brush to line the crease of your eyes with a dark brown or black eye shadow. It will help the eyes look bigger if you line the crease barely above the actual crease. Now for the hard part. Use liquid eyeliner to put a thin line on the top lash line. Make the line a little thicker towards the ends of your eyes. If you mess up, just take a Q-Tip and make the correction. Add white pencil eyeliner to the inside of your bottom lashes and inbetween the lashes themselves, creating a thick frosted effect on the lower lashes.
Step 2) Eyelashes- Put a thick layer of mascara on your top lashes and make them as long as possible. You can use false eyelashes if you wish. Now you have a choice for the famous bottom eyelashes, called "Twiggies". If you want the Twiggy eyes, but think you will look ridiculous with the painted on ones, you can use mascara. It is very easy- just keep sweeping on mascara from left to right, until the bottom lashes are clumped together. After they are thick enough, finish by fanning them out a little. This makes the eyes to appear different. If you want authentic Twiggies, do not put any mascara on the bottom lashes. Take the liquid eyeliner and make small lines, evenly spaced apart, on the bottom lash line. Take your time.
Jeg love the Twiggy-look, especially the eye make-up. I wish i could do the exact same with my eyes. I've tried and my result was not good, but I'll keep trying, someday it will might work and give a fabulous look. I think I want the Twiggy-look at my next party.

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